Want to know what people think of our activity sessions?  the following quotes are taken from anonymous responses to our request for feedback from this summer’s activity sessions.

The experience and expertise of Andy and the female instructor were brilliant. They bonded well with the group and had patience with those children who were new to it and perhaps needed encouragement/more confidence and stayed near to them at all times.

The instructor was fantastic with the boys and there was such a range of things covered it was fun, interesting and informative.

Boy kayaking standing up.


Weather was bad but the ‘instructor’ turned it around by offering a great alternative which was even more fun. had a blast!

I feel that for Joseph (autistic) Katie and Morgan this session provided not only a fantastic introduction to watersports, the sea, and Anglesey coasts, it also offered them a session where they shared a love of the activity and therefore promoted Joseph’s social skills and family skills beyond measure. It was brilliant to see the three siblings enjoying life together and this session facilitated that! Many thanks to the instructors for their care and dedication.

excellent tuition, delivered with safety in mind which made me feel confident. Great fun (even in the wind and rain).

A great experience – thoroughly enjoyed the session, many thanks.

Very professional instruction given in a friendly way.

I felt that the experience was a very positive one which left my daughter feeling that she may be good at something after all! and that all sport was not boring and could be fun as well as good for you.

Andy and Giles were absolutely fantastic with the children who attended. The kids all had a great time and learnt new skills and confidence whilst having lots of fun.

Very good instructors – good local knowledge

young people getting wet whilst kayaking

"is this how you do it?"