environmental commitment

B-Active@Rhoscolyn recognises the very special nature of the Anglesey coast and is committed to introducing people to it in a way that preserves and enhances the environment.We are proud to be associated with the North Wales Environmental Charter Group and to have signed up to the Environmental Charter (below) and to be a member of the Institute for Outdoor Learning.

B-Active integrates our environmental values into all of our work, and is also able to offer specific environmental activities in association with our partners including: wildlife walks and treasure hunts, canoeing safaris, beach combing, ‘extreme’ rock pooling, and sea level explore sessions. We also offer our ‘paddle with a puffin’ and ‘paddle with a porpoise’ sessions in summer months.

Environmental Charter

Signatories commit to:

  • Avoid damage to sites and minimise disturbance to wildlife and the environment.
  • Ensure all group leaders understand more about the habitats, species, geology and environments of North Wales and how to avoid disturbance and damage.
  • Encourage others to respect the wildlife, landscapes and community life in and around North Wales.
  • Show consideration to landowners, residents and other users when parking and operating.
  • Work with land managers and statutory bodies and other interested parties how to best manage groups on existing sites and consider the implications before developing activities into new sites.
  • Respect conservation based management plans that have been agreed and publicised.
  • Encourage groups, colleagues and students to respect, protect and enjoy the special character of the region – habitats, species, wildlife, geology, archaeology and manmade structures.
  • To discuss any essential permanent fixtures with the statutory bodies and relevant parties.
  • Place temporary marks or fixing in such a way as to avoid damage to the special character of the site.
  • Leave a site cleaner that we find it.
  • Leave no trace of visit and take litter home.
  • Enhance the special character of the site.
  • Consult NWEOCG, landowners, conservation and community organisations at an early stage in the planning for any major events.