Environmental Education Work

BActive has recently been working in partnership with Outdoor Alternative, North Wales Wildlife Trust and Nature-Bites to offer activity breaks with an environmental focus to the activities.

The activity breaks hosted by Outdoor Alternative, offered primary school children the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom. Activities included: a rock-pool safari, wildlife walk, kayaking, coasteering, moth-trapping and identification, team building and a beach fire.

The activity breaks are part of BActive’s ongoing commitment to introduce a greater environmental awareness to the activities we deliver. We believe that gaining a ‘sense of place’ is a key component of an enriched outdoor experience. We will be seeking further opportunities to work to integrate environmental education with our outdoor activities in 2014.

pupils discussing beach finds IMG_1440

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  1. environmental liability NJ

    Environmental education is often lauded by educators as an ideal way to integrate academic disciplines, stimulate the academic and social growth of young people, and promote conservation of the natural environment.

  2. Shahzad

    I love how BActive is partnering with Outdoor Alternative, North Wales Wildlife Trust, and Nature-Bites to offer activity breaks with an environmental focus. It’s so important for primary school children to learn outside the classroom and develop a sense of place. Keep up the great work in integrating environmental education with outdoor activities!


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